(Donald Rothberg, 2022)

On Race and Racism

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On Race and Class

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On Race and Trauma

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On Whiteness

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On Connecting Buddhist Practice and Social Engagement

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On Race and Buddhist Practice

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Training Opportunities

Beyond the Culture of Separation, https://beyondseparation.net/

East Bay Meditation Center, https://eastbaymeditation.org: Periodic trainings.

Education for Racial Equity: https://www.educationforracialequity.com

Ruth King, “Mindful of Race” Trainings and Affinity Groups: https://ruthking.net.

Victor Lee Lewis and Patti Digh, Courses  on “Hard Conversations: Whiteness,

   Race, and Social Justice”: https://www.pattidigh.com/whiteness/.

San Francisco Insight, “Investigating Our White Identity through the Dharma,”

    https://www.sfinsight.org/events/event/investigating-our-white-identity-through-  the-dharma/

Spirit Rock, https://www.spiritrock.org: Periodic trainings.

White Awake Website: “White Awake is an open source curriculum that utilizes

   mindfulness in the development of white racial awareness”

   http://whiteawake.org. A variety of courses.

White Awareness Insight Curriculum for Uprooting Privilege (WAIC UP!): A

   Dharma and Racism Study Program: https://alokavihara.org/wp-